Have You Taken Your Shots?

When my wife and I had our first child, Abigail, it wasn’t too long after she was born that we had to find a doctor. As everyone knows that has children, once you have a doctor picked out all the information about vaccinations follow right behind. The day before Abigail was to get her shots, my mother-in-law came over. Now my mother-in-law is an oncology nurse and knows a good bit about health issues. We happened to be talking about a lady I worked with at the pharmacy. She was a pharmacist and had a child with autism. My mother-in-law and I were curious about autism, so we looked it up on the Internet. We were shocked with what we found. To make a long story short, we canceled the appointment for Abigail until further research. I talked to the lady I worked with about autism and what she had found out about the disease. The more I researched I found I was not going to give my children their shots that young. I am not going to talk about my convictions concerning vaccinations, but rather about the TITHE.

I am going to compare shots with the tithe for one simple reason, ignorance! We as believers have bought into a lie that the tithe is for us today. Like shots no one even thinks of questioning the procedure and they continue to go to the doctor like lemmings. When a minister gets up to the pulpit and begins to talk on giving, they talk to you as if you should know that giving means tithing. Well it doesn’t. Do a little study on the subject yourself and you will find out that they have been feeding you a line. Nowhere does the New Testament teach tithing. Jesus and the Apostles didn’t think it was as important as some of the pastor running around. These pastors are hired hands and do not have enough faith that Christ will provide, so they come up with tithing. Just like shots have been accepted as good (and I’m not doubting that shots have done a lot of good) without any challenge, so has the tithe.  I would like those people who have never even considered that the tithe is not for a New Testament believer to search the Scriptures and find out what God has to say. 1 Corinthians 16:1,2 shows us a wonderful picture of what giving is to be in the New Testament and notice Paul didn’t tell them to tithe.  Brothers and Sisters, I’m not suggesting that we not give, but that we should give out of a love for the believers in our fellowship. Not to some building program! Is that giving to God? I don’t think so and I hope you will agree.

-Mike Charleston

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